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The Siege of Petersburg Resources page at The Siege of Petersburg Online: Beyond the Crater offers more to users than any other page on the site. Many primary sources covering the Siege of Petersburg (aka the Petersburg Campaign) are listed here. You will eventually see not only every page of the nine books from the Official Records pertaining to the Siege of Petersburg, but also many other primary sources such as newspaper accounts, diaries, letters, and the like. Essays and articles from Battles and Leaders of the Civil War and The Southern Historical Society Papers will be added in the future. Orders of Battle, Maps, and battle summaries for each of the nine offensives of the Petersburg Campaign are included here. The Today in the Petersburg Campaign series covers the daily events of the Siege of Petersburg in chronological order. Complete lists of every regiment, battalion, and battery which was involved in the Petersburg Campaign will slowly become available. Lastly, I plan to create specific pages for every commander of an army, corps, division, and brigade in the entire Siege of Petersburg.

I realize that, when completed, the sheer amount of information included above will be massive. Please subscribe to Beyond the Crater’s RSS feed and join me on my slow but sure quest to digitize the Civil War Siege of Petersburg.

  • Adjutant General Reports
  • National Tribune
  • Other Postwar Publications
  • Official Records
  • Battle Summaries
  • Today in the Petersburg Campaign
  • Maps
  • Battles and Leaders
  • MOLLUS War Papers
  • Papers of the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts
  • Confederate Veteran
  • Southern Historical Society Papers
  • Order of Battle
  • Petersburg Siege Newspapers
  • Letters & Diaries
  • Leaders
  • Units
  • Unpublished/Archival Materials

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