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Union and Confederate Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry Which Participated in the Siege of Petersburg

The Units pages are one of the foundational sets of pages here at The Siege of Petersburg Online. You can click on either Union or Confederate unit types, states, and then individual units. I have attempted to create a page for EVERY regiment, battery, battalion and ship that participated at the Siege of Petersburg.  In some cases, like the Union 19th Corps regiments, it’s a cameo appearance of a week or so.  In other cases, many cases, these units were present throughout the fighting.

The page for each unit offers up unit muster in and out, leaders of the unit, unit strengths, weapons used, order of battle information, battles, and other notes, all grouped into Grant’s Nine Offensives against Petersburg.  Below this is a list of EVERY mention of that unit on this entire site.

In this way, if you are interested in a given regiment, battery, battalion, or ship for whatever reason (research, an ancestor belonged to the unit, etc.), you can find out what we’ve published that is relevant to your interests.  These link lists will continue to grow every week as new items are added to the site and tagged with the relevant regiments, batteries, battalions, and ships.


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