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Beyond the Crater will eventually be full of images, maps, and other items not currently in the public domain.  Initially, we will be using only public domain or other legally available items.  In every case, the source of images,maps, etc. will be shown at the bottom of the page the item is featured on.  The only exception to this rule will be public domain Library of Congress photographs used to break up the text on selected pages.  As BTC grows, look for more items possibly not in the Public Domain.  In these cases, written permission will have been received before such items appear here.  In addition, these items will be prominently attributed to their source with a link back wherever possible.  If you wish to submit a text passage, image, map or other copyrighted item, please gain permission from the rightsholder first.  Copyright infringement is a serious offense and we take this matter very seriously at Beyond the Crater.

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