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Siege of Petersburg Orders of Battle (Orbats)

Siege of PEtersburg Orders of Battle

The Siege of Petersburg Order of Battle area of Beyond the Crater is quite possibly the most ambitious plan for what is an admittedly ambitious project as a whole. The idea is to create a page for every unit, from armies down to company level where necessary, for Butler’s June 9, 1864 offensive against Petersburg and Grant’s nine later attempts to take the city. Unit pages will display items such as leader names and images, unit strengths and armament, links to where the units are mentioned throughout Beyond the Crater, and links to both parent and child units. This should allow readers and researchers to quickly and easily find units they are interested in on pages which serve as starting points for further information on the units all across this Siege of Petersburg site.

As of March 2021 the entire order of battle for the First Offensive (June 13-18, 1864), Second Offensive (June 19-30, 1864), and Third Offensive (July 1-30, 1864) are all completely available below down to the regimental/battery level.  I hope to continue methodically working on these and finish them at a much quicker pace than I have in the past. I realize now this is a foundational area of the site, and I should have focused on it at the very beginning.  For the Fourth and later offensives, for now you can look at detailed regimental and battery information on my Units pages, another foundational area of this site.


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