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One of the logical offshoots of a Petersburg Campaign web site is an area to feature attempts to model the campaign via war games.  This page will contain areas for various Civil War computer, board, and miniatures war games over the years which have focused on some aspect of the Bermuda Hundred Campaign, Petersburg Campaign, and Appomattox Campaigns.  If you know of such a game which is not covered here in some way feel free to leave a comment.  The goal, as on all of the other pages at Beyond the Crater, is to put together a comprehensive list of Petersburg Campaign materials.

The impetus for the creation of this page was an agreement reached over the weekend with Scott Mingus, publisher and editor of Charge!: The Newsletter of the Johnny Reb Gaming SocietyJohnny Reb III is an American Civil War miniatures rule set, the original version of which was created by John Hill in the early 1980s.  Scott was kind enough to give permission to republish his Namozine Church scenario, and he is reaching out to other scenario designers in an attempt to gain permission for reproduction of their scenarios here.  Look for a Civil War miniatures scenario for the small cavalry fight at Namozine Church in the coming days, and hopefully many more scenarios will follow.

Note: If you have designed a scenario or full wargame focusing on any of the Bermuda Hundred, Petersburg, and Appomattox Campaigns, we would like to hear from you and feature your wargaming materials on this page.  Please use the Contact button at the top of the screen to get in touch.


Wargames on the Siege of Petersburg

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