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Beyond the Crater: The Civil War Petersburg Campaign OnlineWelcome to Beyond the Crater: The Civil War Petersburg Campaign Online.  Beyond the Crater is an information compilation site focusing on the Siege of Petersburg during the American Civil War.  The Petersburg Campaign was, rather than a true siege, a series of nine offensives by the Union forces against the Confederates defending Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia.  The campaign lasted from June 15, 1864 until April 2, 1865, claiming 50,000 Union soldiers and 32,000 Confederates.  The campaign has been criminally neglected in the study of the Civil War, and this site aims to partially rectify that lack of coverage.

Although this is mainly a static web site, WordPress blog hosting software powers Beyond the Crater.  As a result, though you will always see this welcome screen when you first reach Beyond the Crater, please consider signing up for Beyond the Crater’s RSS Feed, which will keep you updated on our progress over the years.  I say years because the amount of data planned for this site is massive.  Check out the Resources link at the top of the page for just a glimpse of what is in store here.

We are always looking for submissions of information pertaining to the Petersburg Campaign.  If you are a student of the Petersburg Campaign, please consider contributing as an author here.  Use the Contact form at the top of the page if you have information we can use or if you are interested in contributing at Beyond the Crater.

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  • Richard Hasenauer April 14, 2011, 9:09 am

    Lovely website. I just came across this site by accident. I’m the designer of Fire and Fury and I’m very interested in developing military miniatures wargame scenarios for this period.

  • bschulte April 16, 2011, 3:33 pm


    Thanks for the compliment! Any information you find here may be freely used in any Petersburg Campaign Fire and Fury scenarios you wish.


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