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BTC Sources

BTC Sources posts gather interesting sources from Siege of Petersburg books’ bibliography sections, including some notes, to be further researched.  The object of BTC Sources posts serves two purposes:

  1. To note for myself where to do further research, especially with the explosion of Civil War books at Google Books, Internet Archive, and other pages featuring out of copyright materials.  This is a way for me to “store” interesting items and come back to them for detailed examination later.  Harry Smeltzer does a good job at Bull Runnings of telling readers what he is working on and why he posts what he does.  I want to do more of that here at The Siege of Petersburg Online: Beyond the Crater.
  2. To allow you, the Siege of Petersburg student, the opportunity to explore sometimes obscure sources on your own.  I’m a mostly one man operation here, so by noting interesting sources, many of which are freely available online and which I’ll link directly to when possible, I can point those interested in the operations around Petersburg and Richmond to places they may not know exist.  I’d love to hear from anyone who reads through these sources and get your opinion on the material.


List of BTC Sources: Siege of Petersburg Research Pages

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