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Civil War Battles Petersburg

Civil War Battles Petersburg: Wargaming the Siege of Petersburg

Civil War Battles Petersburg is a new Android/Kindle/iPad game produced by John Tiller Software.

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Civil War Battles Petersburg Scenario Design Notes (Word Doc)

Game Information:

This release includes 16 Civil War scenarios from the Petersburg campaign including the final battles leading up to Appomattox. You play as the Confederate commander in 8 scenarios and as the Union commander for 8 scenarios. You should first install and play the free Civil War Battles app to test the game engine on your device and become familiar with the interface.

Civil War Battles is a detailed turn-based simulation of combat from the American Civil War. Unit types include infantry, cavalry, artillery, gunboats, and supply wagons as well as leaders which can significantly determine the outcome of a battle just based on their own personal leadership and command abilities. Scenarios in each release generally cover a combination of both historical and “what-if” scenarios allowing you to make decisions as commander of the forces involved that could dramatically affect the outcome.

While this version of Civil War Battles will run on large-screen Android phones, it is best on an Android tablet with screen size of 7 inches or more.




02June91864Scenario 02June91864Scenario2


03 Scenario Selection


04 Crater Scenario


05 Peebles Farm Scenario


06 Hatchers Run Scenario


07 Dinwiddie Courthouse Scenario


08 Appomattox Scenario
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