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Letters & Diaries

The Siege of Petersburg Online was created to look at the whole Petersburg Campaign, from both a high level and down in the trenches and streets of Petersburg. It was with the latter idea in mind that this page of soldier and civilian letters and diaries was created. Over time, letters and diary entries will be sorted alphabetically by the letter writer’s last name. Please note that no letters or diary entries presented here may be reproduced without the express written consent of the copyright holder, which will be specifically listed at the end of each page, one page per letter or entry. When a series of letters is written back and forth, links to the other letter writer’s SOPO page or (when known) specific letter will exist.

If you have in your possession any letters or diaries pertaining to, mentioning, or written while located at the Petersburg Campaign, we would love to house copies of those items at the Siege of Petersburg Online. Use the Contact form to reach us and we will provide you with specific details of possible arrangements in that direction.



Soldier Letters in Newspapers:


Soldier Diaries in Newspapers:

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