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NP: August 26, 1864 Augusta (GA) Daily Constitutionalist: Letter from Anderson’s Brigade

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by John Hennessy and transcribed by Jackie Martin.

( Special Correspondence of Constitutionalist.)

Letter from Anderson’s Brigade.

RICHMOND, VA., Aug. 18, 1864.

Messrs. Editors:  For the first time during the war a portion of Anderson’s Brigade, the 9th and 11th Ga., fought negroes.

Early in the morning of the 16th these two regiments, under Col. F. H. Little, were detached and sent to assist in recapturing that portion of our works the enemy had taken from our troops.  About one o’clock the fight commenced and then the charge.  In conjunction with Lane’s N. C. Brigade, after a desperate and close conflict the enemy were driven from the works the extent of their front.  Soon as this was done, the 9th and 11th Ga. being on the left of Lane’s Brigade, Col. Little, in his usual dashing style, formed them at right angle with the line of works, charged, and succeeded in capturing the entire line.  In this last charge the gallant Capt. Jack Arnold, commanding the 9th Ga., fell badly wounded on top of the works leading the regiment.

Our loss was very slight, that of the enemy was considerable.  Our boys fought with renewed energy when they learned they were facing Burnside’s pets, the negroes.  Only two genuine Yankee negroes were captured as prisoners of war.  Their dead dot the field black.  Haversacks, knapsacks, blankets, arms and accoutrements, were thickly strewn over the field.  The men have as trophies neatly bound bibles, testaments, watches, and portfolios, & c.  Prisoners were captured belonging to three corps.  They were completely whipped.  Anderson and Law’s Brigade of Field’s Division, and Lane’s and Wright’s Brigades bore the brunt of the battle.

Grant will have to try some where else if he wants Richmond.  He is now skulking under the cover of his gunboats.                                                                L.1

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