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Nafziger Civil War Petersburg Campaign Orbats (OOBs)

George Nafziger is legendary among wargamers for his massive collection of military history Orders of Battle (aka orbats or OOBs). Up until recently, anyone could pay for one or many of his thousands of orders of battle, collected from numerous official documents and books over the years. At retirement, however, George agreed to “donate” his collection to the Combined Arms Research Library (i.e. the CARL).

As of early April 2010, the Civil War oobs are missing from this collection. However, I have worked with George to get the missing files to the CARL in the proper PDF format they prefer. I have in my possession ALL of the missing Civil War files and will be sending them to the CARL for posting shortly. This area of Beyond the Crater will display Nafziger Collection Orders of Battle for the Bermuda Hundred Campaign, the Petersburg Campaign, and the Appomattox Campaign. The orbats are split first into Union and Confederate pages, and then by army, organized in chronological order on each subpage. Look for these items to slowly appear here over time. Consider this an area to whet your appetite as I slowly (but surely) work my way through creating complete orders of battle for each of the nine offensives Grant launched against the Cockade City from June 1864-April 1865.


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