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Order of Battle

Note: While waiting for these detailed orders of battle, please be sure to check out Bermuda Hundred Campaign, Petersburg Campaign, and Appomattox Campaign orbats from the George Nafziger Civil War order of battle collection.

The order of battle section is ambitious to say the least. My plan for the order of battle section of Beyond the Crater is to create detailed, down to the regimental, battery, and sometimes even company level pages for every unit which served in the Petersburg Campaign. All unit pages will display their child units as well as parent units for ease of navigation. Orders of battle will be completed for Butler’s Offensive against Petersburg on June 9, 1864, followed by oobs for Grant’s Nine Offensives against Petersburg. Only after these orbats are completed will work begin on the Bermuda Hundred and Appomattox Campaigns.

In addition, orders of battle from the legendary George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection which pertain to these three campaigns will also be posted at Beyond the Crater.


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