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Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia

The Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia, led by P. G. T. Beauregard when the Bermuda Hundred Campaign started, was instrumental in holding Union forces away from Petersburg and the railroad north to Richmond from May to mid-June 1864 until Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia could take its place in the trenches.  These troops mainly opposed Union forces on Bermuda Hundred and occupied the trenches near Petersburg from time to time.  Later, Hoke’s and Johnson’s divisions from this department were assigned to a new ANV Fourth Corps under Richard Anderson, though that organization really only existed in name only.

The Orders of Battle below are listed in chronological order, using the shorthand, three-digit, multiple letter “code” George Nafziger devised to organize all of the thousands of OOBs he copied from various sources.  In addition to this code, the actual title of each Order of Battle is shown below in order to allow the reader to quickly scan to the order of battle he or she wishes to view.


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