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864fag: Confederate Forces Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia 10 June 1864

                           Confederate Forces
       Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia
                          10 June 18641 

Commanding General: General G.T Beauregard

     Johnson's Division: Major General B.R.Johnson
               Infantry   - 351/3,996
               Artillery  - 29/559
               Staff      - 7/9
          Elliott's Brigade:
               17th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
               18th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
               22nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment
               23rd South Carolina Infantry Regiment
               26th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
               Holcombe (South Carolina) Legion
          Johnson's Brigade:
               17th & 23rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment
               25th & 44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
               63rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment
          Wise's Brigade:
               26th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               34th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               46th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               59th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               Bradford's (Mississippi) Battery, Cpt. Bradford
               Cummings' (North Carolina) Battery, Cpt. Cummings
               Miller's (North Carolina) Battery, Cpt.  Miller
               Pegram (Virginia) Battery, Cpt.  Pegram
               Wright's (Virginia) Battery, Cpt.  Wright
               Slaten's (Georgia) Battery, Cpt. Slaten

1st Military District: Brigadier General H.A.Wise
               Staff           - 3/5
               Infantry        - 193/2,298
               Light Artillery - 11/273
               Heavy Artillery - 5/90
               Signal Corps    - 8/181
          South side Appomattox
               44th Virginia Infantry Battalion
               46th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               Archer's Infantry Battalion
               Hood's Infantry Battalion
               Scouts (G/46th Virginia Infantry), Lt Sutherland
          Mattox Bridge, Richmond & Danville Railroad:
                    Maj. W.S.Basinger
               18th Georgia Infantry Battalion
               Virginia Reserves
               2 Field Guns
          Hicksford: Lt. Col. A. Coppens
               Bradford's Section of Confederate Guards Artillery
               Confederate State Zouave Infantry Battalion
               62nd Georgia Artillery, Company H
               Virginia Reserves
          Swift Creek:
               64th Georgia Infantry Regiment
               34th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               1st North Carolina Artillery (3 cos)
          Stoney Creek:
               Holcombe Legion (4 cos) - Stoney Creek
               Two field pieces        - Stoney Creek
               Holcombe Legion (4 cos) - Nottoway bridge
               Two field pieces        - Nottoway bridge
               Holcombe Legion (2 cos) - Rowtany bridge
          Vicinity of St. Petersburg:
               Martin's (Virginia) Battery, Cpt. Martin
               Sturdivant's (Virginia) Battery, Cpt.Sturdivant

2nd Military District:
               50th North Carolina State Troops (5 cos) - Plymouth
               50th North Carolina State Troops (5 cos) - Washington
               68th North Carolina State Troops
               Whitford's State Infantry Regiment
               Kinston provost guard
               North Carolina Reserves (500)
          Light Artillery
               Andrews' (Alabama) Battery
               Section Cummings' (North Carolina) Battery
               Dickson's (North Carolina) Battery
               Kelly's (South Carolina) Battery
               Starr's (North Carolina) Battery
               Webb's (North Carolina) Battery
          Heavy Artillery
               10th North Carolina Battalion (2 cos)
               Heavy Artillery (1 co)
               6th North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
               North Carolina State Cavalry (2 cos)
     Dearing's Cavalry Brigade: Brigadier Genera  J.Dearing
               7th Confederate State Cavalry Regiment
               62nd Georgia Cavalry Regiment
               59th (4th) North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
               65th (6th) North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
               Cavalry Battalion
               Battery (Virginia) Light Artillery, Cpt. Graham
     Drewry's Bluff:
               Marine Battalion, Maj. Terrett (7/51)
               Smith's Battalion, Maj. Smith (18/289)

3rd Military District: Major General W.H.C.Whiting
          Staff                    - 13/2
          Infantry                 - 7/238
          Light Artillery          - 30/732
          Heavy Artillery          - 114/2,207
          Cavalry                  - 12/100
          Engineers & Signal Corps - 4/53
     Defenses Mouth of Cape Fear: Brigadier General L.Hebert
          Fort Fisher
               D/13th North Carolina Battalion
               36th North Carolina Troops
          Fort Caswell
               1st North Carolina Battalion (3 cos)
               C/3rd North Carolina Battalion
               Sampson's (North Carolina) Artillery, Cpt. Moseley
          Fort Campbell: Lt. Col.J.D.Taylor
               1st Battalion North Carolina Troops (1 co)
               36th North Carolina Troops (1 co)
               40th North Carolina Troops (1 co)
               Coast Guard (1 co)
          Fort Holmes: Col. J.J.Hedrick
               B/3rd North Carolina Battalion
               40th North Carolina Troops (8 cos)
          Smithville: Maj. J.Reilly
               10th North Carolina Battalion (2 cos)
               Light Artillery (1 co)
          Magnolia: Colonel G.Jackson
               10th North Carolina Battalion (1 co)
               7th Confederate Cavalry Regiment (2 cos)
          Masonborough Sound
               10th North Carolina Battalion (1 co)
               Virginia Battery, Cpt. Paris
               10th North Carolina Battalion (2 cos)
               36th North Carolina Troops (1 co)
               40th North Carolina Troops (1 co)
               Unattached (2 cos)
               Bogg's Battalion Artillery

(Order of Battle From the George Nafziger Collection)2


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  2. George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection
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