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Army of the Potomac

The Army of the Potomac, perhaps the Union’s most famous and hardest luck army, was the largest force brought to bear against the cities of Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia from June 1864-April 1865.  George Gordon Meade, NOT Ulysses S. Grant, commanded this army during the entire Siege of Petersburg.  Meade answered directly to Grant, who was in charge of not only the Army of the Potomac, but also the Army of the James and some minor support units during the campaign.  Despite  much adversity throughout its life, the Army of the Potomac played a large role in the final defeat of Robert E. Lee’s vaunted Army of Northern Virginia.  Much of that role was performed during the Petersburg Campaign, with the coup de grace following in the week-long Appomattox Campaign.

The Orders of Battle below are listed in chronological order, using the shorthand, three-digit, multiple letter “code” George Nafziger devised to organize all of the thousands of OOBs he copied from various sources.  In addition to this code, the actual title of each Order of Battle is shown below in order to allow the reader to quickly scan to the order of battle he or she wishes to view.


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