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NP: August 31, 1864 Augusta (GA) Daily Constitutionalist: Letter from Cobb’s Legion

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by John Hennessy and transcribed by Jackie Martin.

(Special Correspondence of Constitutionalist.)

Letter from Cobb’s Legion.


Bivouac, Dinwiddie Co., Va., Aug. 26.

MESSRS. EDITORS—Thinking that a short letter from the old Cobb Legion Cavalry might be of some interest to its many friends in Georgia, I seize a few leisure moments which might otherwise pass unemployed, in giving a few dots concerning it.  So ubiquitous have been our late movements, that we find it almost as difficult to locate our whereabouts as a bird which, in its flight across the Rio Grande, the crookedness of which stream causes it to find, to its great surprise, that it is still upon the same side from which it had just flown.

Our Legion, though not altogether created like the goddess Minerva, perfect from its origin, possessed, from its incipiency, merits of a high order, which entitled it to the respect of military critics.  Dating the activity of its life from the memorable battles around Richmond, in the summer of ’62, it has been a constant participant in the numerous battles that has crimsoned the soil of Virginia with the blood of Southern martyrs, consecrated to liberty and independence.  The depletion of its numbers, both in killed and wounded, mournfully attest the part it has borne in the bloody conflict, and has needed only the services of a Boswell to place it, like many VIRGINIA regiments, upon the acme of fame.

Such adulation, Mr. Editor, may appear rather too fulsome to the eye of the more fastidious; but when I see such partiality as is exhibited by contributors to Virginia papers, in speaking of Virginia troops, to the detriment of other Southern regiments, my jealousy burns with rage.—Should my words of praise cause any skepticism, I shall only point to that testimony, as incontestable as sacred writ, as emanating from that high toned gentleman and chivalrous cavalier, Gen. Wade Hampton, of S. C., who is ever ready to accord merit to any troops, no matter from where they come.  Our regiment has the gratification of knowing that it has already presented to the public two persons who have risen to offices of preferment.  One, the person of that pure patriot, renowned lawyer, and Christian warrior, Gen. T. R. R. Cobb, whose lamented death upon Marie’s heights caused a nation to bow in sorrow.  The other, the young and handsome officer, thorough as tactician, skillful as a fighter, dashing as a Murat, and as invincible as a Bonaparte, is Gen. P. M. B. Young, of Cass county, Ga., who has nobly won his spurs, having received three distinct wounds in the battles of Boonesboro, M. D., Brandy Station and Ashland, Va.

Col. G. Wright, of Albany, Ga., is now in command.  Though never having received a military education, he has evidenced such a proficiency as an officer, that he has already risen from a 1st Lieutenant to that of a full Colonel.

Since the resignation of the Rev. R. K. Porter, as Chaplain of the Legion, we have for the past two years been without an officiating Chaplain.  But that deficiency has at last been supplied by the appointment of Rev. Robert E. Cooper, of South Carolina, a young Minister of fair promise, who, since his advent among us, on account of his gentlemanly bearing, and Christian virtues, has already won for himself the respect of the whole regiment, as the large crowds usually attendant upon divine service, abundantly testify.  In speaking of the spiritual, it brings to mind the physical condition of our regiment, I am happy to say there are fewer inmates within hospitals than upon any previous occasion.  I should like to give you a list of the casualties of the regiment for the past two years, but not having it at hand, I shall defer it until some future day, when you may hear from me again.

Yours,                                           ROBERTUS.1

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