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NP: July 30, 1864 Augusta (GA) Daily Constitutionalist: Letter from Cobb’s Legion of Cavalry

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by John Hennessy and transcribed by Jackie Martin.

Letter from Cobb’s Legion of Cavalry.

Special Correspondence of the Constitutionalist.


Near Stony Creek Depot, P. & W. R. R.,

July 20th, 1864.

MESSRS. EDITORS:  I should have written you ere this, but absence from the command, in charge of wounded, and the want of mail facilities, have prevented me from doing so.

We have had a very severe campaign for the past eight or ten weeks, with only about two weeks rest, which we would not have enjoyed even, if it had not been for our gallant General Hampton, who so roughly handled Sheridan’s and Wilson’s robbers at Trevillain’s, Nance’s Shop and Reams’ Station that, since their defeat at the latter station, they have not been able to attempt another raid or robbing expedition.

The losses in our brigade have been very heavy, particularly among the new troops; but I am unable to send you the list of casualties at present.

In my own regiment the loss has been heavy in proportion to the numbers engaged; as we had less than 250 effective men when the campaign opened.  The following is the list of casualties in our company (Richmond Huzzars) since the campaign opened:

Killed—Lieut. T. J. Calvin.

Wounded—Josiah Miller, slight; H. C. Reese, slight; George A. Williams, two wounds, through breast and shoulder; Walter H. Chavous, severely in thigh; James H. Goff, severe bruise in face.

Missing—Sergeant James A. Bryan, Corporal Owen O’Keefe, E. W. Collier and Capers Dickson.

I have made every exertion to obtain a list of Capt. W. D. Russell’s Company, 7th Ga. Reg’t., but have been unsuccessful.  The losses in his Company have been heavy, but principally in prisoners.  I think that the Captain was the only one killed; but there were some twelve or thirteen wounded, and about thirty taken prisoners.  Among the latter were Lieuts. Bunch, Platt and Chew.

Capt. Archer is the only member of Co. A, (Richmond Hussars) who has received any injury during the campaign.

The total loss in the Legion has been 48 men; but we have now a larger effective force than at any time during the past two years, having received several new recruits in the past three weeks.

Our rations, at present, are good, and the spirits of the men never better.

I forgot to mention that Sergt. Watkins, John Kelp and myself were taken prisoners in the fight at Louisa C. H., but had the good fortune to be subsequently re-captured.

Yours truly,                                                 J. F. T.1

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