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Hightower, Harvey J.

Harvey (or Harvie)  J. Hightower belonged to Company G, 20th Georgia.  The 20th Georgia belonged to Longstreet’s (Anderson’s) First Corps, and participated in the Siege of Petersburg. This letter of Hightower to  his sister Martha written during the Siege of Petersburg was originally published in The Georgia Historical Quarterly, Volume 40, Number 2 (June 1956), pages 188-189. An article footnote states: “Following the war Harvey Hightower returned to Muscogee County. He died in Atlanta in March, 1914.”


Letters of Harvey J. Hightower, 20th Georgia1


  1. Hightower, Harvey J. and Dewey W. Grantham, Jr. (ed). “Letters from H. J. Hightower, A Confederate Soldier, 1862-1864.” The Georgia Historical Quarterly (40.2).  (June 1956): 188-9. Print.