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NP: June 17, 1864 Richmond Examiner: General Lee’s Army

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Ken Perdue.



June 16, 1864.


The enemy yesterday advanced with cavalry against our cavalry, stationed near Malvern Hill, and were readily repulsed. They also sent a brigade up the Charles City road, who encountered Cook’s brigade. Sharp skirmishing lasted all day, but it really amounted to nothing.

Grant is certainly at Westover, and is crossing to the Southside, but I am not prepared to say that he is carrying with him his whole force, though it is quite possible that he may be doing so.

This morning I passed to the Southside of the James, all being quiet on our front, and rode to the Half-way house. There I learned that the enemy had attacked us on yesterday on the Southside of the Appomattox, but that Wise had gallantly beaten them back, though they had succeeded in carrying our outer line of works. From to day’s operations I could learn little or nothing, save that we still held the city. The enemy, I was informed, had reached and were fortifying along the turnpike, about seven miles from Petersburg, in the direction of Richmond, to provide against an attack in that quarter, whilst at the Half-way house some cannonading was audible, and it was said by parties coming from towards Petersburg that skirmishing was going on along the turnpike, about five miles beyond the Half-way house.

From the facts within my knowledge I believe that Petersburg will not fall, and that Grant will be foiled again.


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  1. Richmond Examiner, June 17, 1864
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