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NP: November 2, 1864 (Concord) New Hampshire Patriot: Letter from a Soldier

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by John Hennessy and transcribed by Jackie Martin.

LETTER FROM A SOLDIER.—We have a letter from a commissioned officer of one of our regiments in Grant’s army to a friend in this city, that gives an idea of the state of feeling in the army, as well as the prospect of an early suppression of the rebellion.  This officer has been in the service three years, and there is no reason to doubt that he writes the truth.  He says:

“We fought the Rebs on the 30th of September; as usual, we gained a victory—over the left!  Our loss was heavy; the division lost 2031 men out of 5000.  The rebel loss was slight.  I tell you that we ran as fast as they make them.  Most every move we make we lose double the men that the Rebs do.  Our men are deserting by hundreds.  I was on picket the other night with the regiment, and we lost nine, and four last night; they went over to the Rebs.  I think that looks encouraging!  Why don’t they send us MEN instead of bounty jumpers, villains, State Prison birds and the devil and all?

How is Little Mac?  Does he stand any sight?  I shall cast my vote for him sure, and you must.  I think he is the man for the position.

Now every one is telling what Grant has done this summer.  I think I know something about that.  I know that he has lost as many men during the summer as McClellan had at Yorktown; and I would like to know what he has accomplished.  Nothing at all, as I can see.  I think by the 1st of December we shall be where we were last spring—a good chance to start for Richmond again; that is, if we can fill up our ranks with substitutes!”1

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