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NP: October 28, 1864 The Bedford Inquirer: 210th PA, West of Weldon RR, Oct. 7, 1864

Letter from Lieut[enant]. [Hosea] Hudson.


     Editor of the Inquirer.— I am on the extreme front, that being nothing but the skirmish line between us and the enemy. We are to the left of the Weldon R.R. in the 5th Corps. We are working on the intrenchments taken from the Rebs near a week ago.1 The men seem anxious to render them effective, and hope that when completed they shall be permitted to defend them. The men whom I brought from Bedford Co. are all well and seem to enjoy themselves very much. As far as my observation goes, the majority of the electors go [for?] Father Abraham. Many with whom McClellan is a favorite cannot sustain him on the Platform and in connection with Pendleton. The old soldiers who have not been home for many months begin to appreciate the fact that a “respectable portion” of the Peace Party is composed of those who are afraid of being called into service, and are willing to divide our country and acknowledge the “confederacy” with all the evils resulting therefrom, rather than submit to any privations or put forth any personal effort to prevent it.

We regret that we have been unable to get tickets for the State election. We hope, however, to be prepared for the Nov. election and will have the papers sent on. Send us some blank votes, also send to me your paper regularly.

Co. C, 210th Reg[imen]t. P[ennsylvania].V[olunteers].2,3

SOPO Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Roy Gustrowsky.

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  1. SOPO Editor’s Note: Lt. Hudson is referring to the fighting from September 30-October 2, 1864  at the Battle of Peebles’ Farm, also known as Pegram’s Farm, Poplar Spring Church, and a host of other names. As in many other offensives, once the Union Army took a new piece of ground, they quickly incorporated it into their ever expanding lines of works near Petersburg and Richmond.
  2. Gayley, Alice J. “210th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Company C.” 210th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company C Muster Roll, www.pa-roots.com/pacw/infantry/210th/210thcoc.html.
  3. “Letter from Lieutenant Hudson.” The Bedford Inquirer (Bedford, PA), October 28, 1864, p.3, c.2.
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