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NP: June 22, 1864 Petersburg Daily Express: Southern War Correspondents


The retreats of Grant from the Rapidan Anne [sic, Rapidan], have brought to our city, several members of the Press, who have been with our army from the beginning of the campaign. Yesterday we were favored with a visit from two of these gentleman [sic, gentlemen], who we hope will call again. P[eter]. W[ellington]. Alexander, formerly one of the Editors of the Savannah Republican, and now the well known and universally read army correspondent of that paper, is prepared to furnish the south with a faithful and graphic account of the struggle for Petersburg, whenever Grant shall afford him an opportunity. Mr. [James Beverly] Sener, (whose Christian name we cannot now recall,) formerly of the Democratic Recorder, Fredericksburg, Va., though an exile from his home, is hopeful and buoyant as ever. He is at present acting Reporter for the Associated Press, in connection with the Army of Northern Virginia. His correct and readable reports reach the people through the daily presss [sic] and of course are about the first items sought after by the reading public. There are doubtless other gentlemen of the Press now in our city, members of the Army.1 We extend to all such a cordial invitation to give us a call. They will find our exchanges at their service, and paper and pencil also, should they desire to communicate with their distant readers.2

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  1. SOPO Editor’s Note: For a good list of Southern War Correspondents, see this Appendix in The South Reports the Civil War, a classic book on the subject.
  2. “Members of the Press.” The Daily Express (Petersburg, VA). June 22, 1864, p. 2 col. 3
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  • Jack Phend September 23, 2020, 3:49 pm

    Brett, I wondered if the correction of the “Rapidan Anne” could refer to the North Anna, since that was the location of Grant’s last “withdrawal,” on the A of P’s progress to Petersburg and took place only a few days before this article was published.

  • Brett Schulte September 24, 2020, 9:09 am


    Very possible theory. That caught my eye right away, and I wondered how the editors of a Petersburg paper wouldn’t know the geography of rivers not very far distant to the north. Everyone’s human though. We all make mistakes. Maybe the typesetter had a big date the next day!


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