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NP: October 5, 1864 Broome Weekly Republican: A Voice from the Soldiers

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by John T. Goodnough, Corresponding Secretary Binghamton Civil War Roundtable. From microfilm at the Broome Co. Public Library, 185 Court St.., Binghamton, NY 2004.

A VOICE FROM THE SOLDIERS. – We take the following extract from a letter received by us from Mr. Richard Monroe, Co. D, 109th Regiment, N.Y. V., City Point 9th Corps Hospital, Va.:

“There was a little incident occurred one day last week, which will give something of an idea as to how the choice of candidates ranges in this hospital. An individual prompted, perhaps, by curiousity, took the trouble to canvass one of the Wards which contained twenty patients, and the result was 16 for Lincoln and 4 for McClellan, although this may be the average throughout the camp; but I assure you that the Chicago Convention is no go here, and at the front in the rifle pits where the showers of lead and hail are daily falling, thee is a hearty condemnation of the peace and Vallandighman clique, and we are bound to meet the issue like men who have proved themselves worthy of the consideration of their countrymen and the thanks of a people who ought to be grateful to them for their services and sufferings.

Let none distrust the soldiers, for I tell you that men who have fought their own battles for nearly four years will not betray themselves or their country in the great battle of the 8th of November next.

Everything indicates success to the Union and that speedily. While I am writing, the cheers from the troops going to the front almost rend the air, and all nature seems cheered at the approach of the friends and defenders of human liberty.”1


  1. Broome (NY) Weekly Republican, October 5, 1864. This newspaper article is from the personal collection of Mary Jordan, illustrator of the book Dear Friend Amelia, the Civil War Letters of Private John Tidd, and is used with her permission. All rights reserved.
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