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NP: July 31, 1864 Augusta (GA) Daily Constitutionalist: Letter from Wofford’s Brigade

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by John Hennessy and transcribed by Jackie Martin.

Letter from Wofford’s Brigade.


Special Correspondence of the Constitutionalist.



Camp near Petersburg, July 23, 1864.

MESSRS. EDITORS:  Many of your readers feel no little interest in the whereabouts and general welfare of the troops attached to Wofford’s Brigade.

We have been near Petersburg not quite five weeks.  Grant’s protracted indisposition to fight has allowed our men a season of rest that has been very profitable to them.

Until very recently the weather has called forth more complaint than anything else.  The sun has been unmerciful, and our camps have been enveloped in clouds of dust.  A few days since we were favored with a heavy shower of rain, which aroused within all our hearts the spirit of rejoicing.  This was also a blessing to our stock, and the very fields seemed to rejoice.

Everything considered our men are in good health.  They were never more certain of complete, decisive triumph over the mightiest army that has ever been, or ever can be, sent against them.  The real truth of the matter is Grant is already virtually whipped; but he reminds us of an illustration of “final perseverance,” once used by a Hard-shell preacher.  This preacher encouraged his congregation by comparing them to the Opossum, whose chief characteristic, when up a tree, is to hold on.  Said he, “Shake all his feet loose from the limb, and he will hold on by his tail.”  Grant now has “tail hold,” and this seems to encourage the Yankees very much; but we count strongly on shaking him out before the end of the present Summer.

The Petersburg limb was an unfortunate selection for Grant.1

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