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NP: July 28, 1864 Windham County Transcript: 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery in the Trenches

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by John Hennessy and transcribed by Jackie Martin.

FROM BEFORE PETERSBURG.—The following intelligence comes to us in a private letter from our esteemed correspondent “Amidon.”  The letter is dated July 17th:—

“Co. I has two Batteries as have also several other companies in the Regiment.  One—“Heavy Siege Guns,”—the other—“Mortars”—and we are confined closely to our posts and work.  It is difficult to obtain the FACTS of operations even near us and I prefer not to SPECULATE further at present.  Indeed I am quite confounded by the whirl and apparent counter currents in this seething tide of war, so I have “taken-in sails,” and sought anchorage in FAITH for a season.  On the 4th, we in this Battery fired a National salute of 34 guns into Petersburg, within 17 minutes.  James Kelly of Willimantic, 30 years of age, belonging to Co. I, of this Regiment, was killed on the 6th by a shell.  His last words were, “I am willing to die for my country.”  He was one of the 6, who, in returning from “leave of absence” to Bermuda Hundred, volunteered to go on shore at Wilson’s Landing, and assist the negroes to repel the rebel attack, for which they were publicly thanked by Gen. Butler.  James Jordyn of Willimantic, of Co. D, was wounded soon after crossing the Appomattox, in the head, by a piece of shell, and sent to the Hospital.  A sergeant of Co. D, (Kelley) was seriously wounded last week.  Lieut. Hall of Co. F, was instantly killed by a sharp shooter last week.  There has been a LULL here for a day or two which may presage a STORM.  The 1st Conn. is now with Grant before Petersburg but not identified with any corps.”1

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