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BTC Sources: Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder

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Remembering The Battle of the Crater: War as Murder (New Directions in Southern History) by Kevin M. LevinTitle: Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder

Author: Levin, Kevin M.

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

Year: 2012

BTC’s Take: A look at how competing groups fought to have the Battle of the Crater remembered during Reconstruction and beyond. This is a good companion to any of the books which are strictly military histories of the Battle of the Crater.

Siege of Petersburg Sources Found In This Book:

Government Documents

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Primary Sources

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Secondary Works

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Archival Sources

A Correspondence between Generals Early and Mahone, in Regards to the Military Memoir of the Latter, DU

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“The ‘Crater’ and Battlefield Museum,” UNCC

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Cleveland Fisher letter(s) HSSC

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Edward K. Whitman letter(s), Emory University

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Eugene and James Paul Verdery Papers, Duke University

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A.T. Fleming letter(s), HSSC

Edmund Lockett Womack letter(s), HSSC

J. Bailey Thompson Collection, Special Collections, University of Alabama

J. Edward Peterson Papers, Moravian Music Foundation

Susie R. Griffith Papers, VHS

“Second Re-union of Mahone’s Brigade Held on the Anniversary of the Battle of the Crater”, box 2, Museum of the Confederacy

Papers of McGill-Mahone Families, UVA

William Mahone Papers, DU

Mahone Family Papers, Mahone Family Papers, UVA

“Gen. Mahone and the Crater”, Harrison Southworth Scrapbook, UVA

Alfred Lewis Scott Memoir, Special Collections, Virginia Historical Society

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“Battlefield Park Map is Prized Possession”, Trevvet Matthews, Unknown Newspaper and Date, PNB

“Interest in Park Dates from 1865”, Unknown Newspaper and Date, PNB

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  • Volume 16 (January 1908: “Mahone’s Men at the Crater.”)
  • Volume 31 (May 1923: “The Bloody Crater.”)

Daily Evening Bulletin August 1, 1864

Enterprise July 27, 1883 (“Gen. Mahone and the Third Georgia Re-union”)

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National Tribune

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New York Times

  • July 30, 1895 (“Famous Fight at the Crater”)
  • March 1, 1896 (“To Buy the Crater Farm”)
  • November 15, 1903
  • April 24, 1916 (“The Famous Crater and Other Landmarks May Soon Disappear”)
  • August 23, 1925 (“Tragic Petersburg Crater Draws Civil War Pilgrims”)
  • March 6, 1928 (“Fuller Receives Flags of North and South in Boston Ceremony”)
  • April 22, 1928 (“Civil War Field for Golf Course”)
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Norfolk Landmark October 9, 1895

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Petersburg Daily Index-Appeal

  • May 11, 1875
  • October 15, 1885
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  • November 7, 1903 (“The Battle of the Crater”)

Petersburg Daily Times November 19, 1869 (clipping in scrapbook 1, William Mahone Papers, DU)

Petersburg Progress-Index

  • May 15, 1934 (“Educational Value of Battlefield Parks Stressed”)
  • July 29, 1964 (“The Event Deserves Attendance”)
  • July 9, 1974 (“New Historical Markers at Park to Cite Blacks”)
  • July 16, 1974 (“Battlefield Park Named As Site of Black History”)

Richmond Afro-American March 16, 1963 (“Colored Troops in Forefront on Day that Richmond Fell”)

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Southern Historical Society Papers

Troy Messenger April 1881 (“Mahone as a Soldier”)

Victorians Institute Journal Volume 30 (2002: “John Nichols Visit to Virginia, 1865: ‘The James River.'”)

Washington Times September 19, 1998 (“Flawed Look at How Artists Painted the Conflict”)

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