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BTC Sources: Fort Harrison and the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm: To Surprise and Capture Richmond

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Fort Harrison and the Battle of Chaffin's Farm: To Surprise and Capture Richmond by Douglas CrenshawTitle: Fort Harrison and the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm: To Surprise and Capture Richmond

Author: Douglas Crenshaw

Publisher: The History Press

Year: 2013

BTC’s Take: Haven’t yet read.

BTC Siege of Petersburg Sources Found In This Book:

Primary Sources

Alexander, J. M. “Army of the James: Fighting and Suffering Around Bermuda HundredNational Tribune, July 31, 1890.

Baker, H. E. “In Front of Richmond: Incidents on the Career of a Soldier During the Early Days of the Investment of the Rebel Capital.” Adirondack Record, July 25, 1919.

Burlington (VT) Free Press. “The Capture of Fort Harrison.” January 20 (sic, 27), 1865.

Butler, Benjamin F. Butler’s Book. Boston: A. M. Thayer & Co., 1892.

Butler, Benjamin F. Private and Official Correspondence of Gen. Benjamin F. Butler During the Period of the Civil War. Edited by Benjamin Franklin Butler and Jessie Ames Marshall. Privately issued, 1917.

Clay, Cecil. “Fort Harrison, How It Was Taken and the First Three Union Men on the Ramparts.” National Tribune, March 22, 1888.

Clay, Cecil. Letter to National Tribune. May 2, 1889.

Clay, Cecil. Letter to [Philadelphia?] Weekly Times. November 5, 1881.

Day, George L. “The Battle of Chaffin’s Farm.” Richmond Times Dispatch, October 4, 1936.

Delaware County Republican, October 14, 1864.

Depew, A. R. “The Capture of Fort Harrison.” National Tribune, October 28, 1886.

Ewell, Richard S. “Memoranda of the Attack on the North Side James River 29th September 1864.” Richard S. Ewell Letterbook.
Note: This is the Ewell Letterbook, 1862-1865. Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript and Special Collections Library.

Henderson, E. M. “A Wounded Pennsylvanian.” Philadelphia Weekly Times, April 21, 1883.

Hissong, James. Letter to National Tribune, July 21, 1887.

Johnson, Charles. Letter to General J. A. Early. N. d.
Note: Where? Did the author get this from the Richmond National Battlefield files? It seems likely.

McGowan letter to Houton Tri-Weekly Telegraph, November 29, 1864.
Note: Cannot find “McGowan in a seach of this paper from November 1864 to April 1865.

Methvin, John Francis. “A Brief History of My Military Services Rendered.” Confederate Reminiscences and Letters, 1861-1865. Vol. 7. Atlanta: Georgia Division, UDC, 1998.

Moore, Thomas. “Memories of a Civil War Veteran.” Sandy Creek News, February 26, 1953.

Morgan, James Morris. Recollections of a Rebel Reefer. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1917. (Note: Account of Fort Harrison starts on page 208.)

Neel, W. S. “One of ‘Old Rock’s’ Brigade.” Atlanta Journal, April 19, 1902.

New York Times. “The Fight at Chapin’s Farm.” October 2, 1864.

Oliver, L. C. “New Hampshire at Fort Harrison.” National Tribune, January 13, 1887.

Paine, Charles J. Letters. RNBP.

Purifoy, John. Memoir. State of Alabama Archives.

Report of Christopher J. Tubbs, Headquarters, Fifty-Eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers. October 2, 1864.
Note: Where is this located?  Is it in the Supplement to the Official Records?  In an archive somewhere?

Richmond Sentinel. “Letter Concerning the Battle of Fort Harrison.” October 12, 1864.

Ripley, Edward Hastings. “Gives First Hand Account of Battle of Fort Harrison.” Richmond News Leader, April 27, 1939.

Ripley, Edward Hastings. Vermont General: The Letters of Edward Hstings Ripley. Edited by Sybil Huntington Ripley. New York: Devin-Adair Company, 1960.

Sorrel, G. Moxley. Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer. Edited by Bell Irvin Wiley. Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot Publishing Company, 1991.

Taylor, R. C. “Personal Experience of Major Richard C. Taylor.” Unpublished. Cited in Calrow. RNBP.

Von Eberstein, William Henry. Papers. East Carolina Manuscript Collection. J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.

Wallace, Lew. The Story of American Heroism… Springfield, OH: J. W. Jones, 1897.

Ware, E. “Battery Harrison: A Graphic Sketch by a Comrade of the 13th New Hampshire.” National Tribune, January 20, 1887.

Wickman, Donald H., ed. Letters to Vermont, From Her Civil War Soldier Correspondents to the Home Press. Vol 2. Bennington, VT: Images from the Past, 1998.

Secondary Sources

Calrow, Charles J. “Battle of Chaffin’s Farm: Fort Harrison: A Study.” Unpublished, RNBP files, 1932.

Damerel, John E. “1864 in 1983: A Tour of the Roads Used in the Movement Against Richmond in the Fort Harrison Sector, September 29, 1864.” Unpublished, 1983. RNBP.

Dickinson, Clifford. Union and Confederate Engineering Operations at Chaffin’s Bluff/Chaffin’s Farm, June 1862-April 3, 1865. RNBP, 1989

Johnston, J. Ambler. To Various People Who May Be Interested in Why the Name “Fort Harrison.” RNBP files.

Nance, Leslie. “Fort Harrison.” Unpublished, RNBP.

Potter County Historical Society Quarterly Bulletin, July 2006
Note: Might have to call to inquite about this one. The web site has no email address that I can see.

Rhodes, Steven B., and Christopher Harte. “Fort Harrison.” Unpublished, December 1979, RNBP.

Willett, John T. “A History of the Richmond National Battlefield Park.” Manuscript at RNBP, 1957.

Book Summary/Review:

BTC Siege of Petersburg Book Notes:

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