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NP: August 8, 1864 Charleston (SC) Mercury: Casualties in South Carolina Units, June-August 1864

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by and transcribed by K. S. McPhail (New Kent County History). 

Casualties in 20th S.C., Regiment , Col. BOYKIN, KERSHAW’S Brigade, from June 24th to August 1st,  1864:


Company B- Killed: W.S. Wolfe.

Wounded: A. Gray, face slight; Jacob Murphy, left hand, since amputated; G.W. Smoke, stunned by  shell.

Company K- Wounded: W.W. Rauch, hip severe.

Company F- Wounded: Sergeant W.S. Reid, right foot severe


Company A- Wounded: James Lee, right arm slight: J.E. Norrel, hand slight, N. Davidson, slight

Missing: W.T. Rochester, F.M. Holcombe.

Company B- Killed: Sergt. A.H. Way.

Wounded: J.A. Haigler, shoulder severe; T.N. Hungapeler, severely stunned by shell: Thomas Lyles,  stunned by shell, Phillip Murphy, head slight; G.M. Dantzler, hand slight, J.W. Suhler, side  slight; H. Judy, arm severe; J.H. Bolton, foot slight.

Company C- Wounde: P.G. Lowman, left hand, severe.

Company E- Wounded: Corporal C.J. Wright, mortally, since dead; J.T. Ashley, right arm near  shoulder, since amputated; Corporal W.C.Hall, left arm near shoulder, severe; J.A. Todd, thigh  slight by shell.

Missing: A. Crosberry and Samuel Martin.

Company F- Wounded: Sergeant W.O. Gorce, ear, slight.

Company H- Wounded: W.R. Senn, left hand slight; H.M. Shull, left leg severe.

Company I- Killed: Gideon Jones.

Wounded: E. Nobles, head severe; James Altman, ear slight: B. Able, stunned by shell.


Field and Staff- Wounded: Capt. J.M. Partlow, Acting Major, left shoulder severe.

Company A- Wounded: Corporal Jas O. Cowen, right arm and shoulder severe; J.H. Boyd, right arm  severe; L.W. Wright, left side slight.

Company B- Killed: J.F. Patrick.

Wounded: J.O. Kast, arm severe.

Company C- Missing: Josepj Jacobs.

Company D- Wounded: J.D. Chavis, thigh severe; J.T. Phillips, left arm severe, portion resected;  E. Redmore, left shoulder severe; W.P. Witt; thigh severe.

Missing: L.V. Clark.

Company E- wounded: W.D. Gilkerson, hip severe.

Missing: Wm Sadler and Isaac Sadler

Company F- Wounded: Daniel Adams, knee severe; Henry Hendrix, shoulder severe; W.F. Koon, groin  severe; T.H.G. smith, painfully thigh; J.F.Wheeler, painfully shoulder.

Company G- Killed: H.J.M. Jones.

Wounded: S.L. Boykin, side slight.

Missing: R.B. Ginobles.

Company H- Wounded: Jacob L. Roof, right thigh severe; Charles Backman, thigh slight.

Missing: James F. Mack, T.J. Williams, left leg broken.

Company I- None.

Company K- Danl Oswalt, breast dangerous, in hands of enemy.

JOHN A. WILSON, Adjutant

Columbia papers please copy.


2d August, 1864

Editor Mercury: Please publish the following list of casualties of the 1st South Carolina  Volunteers, (Major A.P. Butler commanding) of MCGOWAN’S Brigade, in the action of the 28th of  July, 1864, near Deep Bottom, Va:

Field and Staff- No casualties.

Missing: Captain Rush, acting Lieutenant Colonel.

Company A, Lieutenant Newman, commanding- Killed: None.

Wounded: Lieutenant S.S. Owens, severe in hip; Sergeant L.F. Harley, hand severe; private A.F.  Tyler, contusion of breast.

Missing: Privates O.W. Keels and Thomas Mason

Company B, Lieutenant Caldwell commanding- Killed: None.

Wounded: Lieutenant Caldwell, slight in thigh; Sergeant W.P. Hunter, hand severe; Privates Ell  Franklin, leg slight; L.J. summers, arm severe; J.W. Saunders, ankle slight.

Missing; Private T. Davenport

Company C, Lieutenant heise commanding- Killed: None.

Wounded: Private John Abbot, severe contusion of leg.

Missing: Corporal Shotwell; Privates b.S. Riggs, D.J. Hendrix, R. Hunt.

Company E, Lieutenant Smith commanding- Killed: None.

Wounded: Sergeant D.L. Keith, severe in breast; Privates W.L. Durant, severe in leg; D.P. Hayes,  slightly in face and hand; A.D. Scott, wounded and missing; J.H. Lewis slightly in foot.

Missing: Privates D.K. Elvington, N.T Elvington, D.B. rodgers, J.D. Rodgers and James Rodgers.

Company F, Sergt Moody commanding- Killed: Privates Canaday and James Williams.

Company G, Captain Holloway commanding- Killed: None.

Wounded: Capt. Holloway, severe in shoulder; Corpl. T.M. Wilson, severe in foot; Privates John H.  Carpenter, severe in leg; R.P. Holloway, severe in shoulder; ( ) G. Walker, severe in back; W.W.  Stuart, shocked by the explosion of a shell.

Missing: Corporals G.W. Street, H.W. Holloway, Private J.W. Bryant.

Company H, Capt. John G. Barnwell, Jr, commanding- Killed none.

Wounded: Capt. Barnwell, severe in knee; Privates G.T. McKenzle, severe in foot; J.F. Butler,  severely in leg and captured.

Missing: Privates G. Began and H.A. Owens.

Company I, Lieut. Delpher commanding- Killed: Private W.W. Moore.

Wounded: Sergt. Geo A. Guy.

Wounded and Missing: Private John Hughes, contusion on hand.

Missing: Private A. Bergman.

Company K, Lieut Armstrong commanding- Killed: None.

Wounded: Sergeant J.J. Carroll, severe in arm; privates Jas Hindman, severe in breast; Ben  Doolittle, slight in arm, Henry Bracher, slight in arm; T.A. Riddle, slight in foot.

Missing: Sergeant D. Spellman.

Company L, Sergeant Martin commanding- Killed: None.

Wounded: A.F. Sampson, severe in hip.

Missing: Privates H. Henderson and F. Wicking.

Total killed . . . . 3

Total wounded . . . .30

Total missing . . . .22

The regiment went into action with about 160 men.

A.F. Miller

1st Lieutenant co. H. 1st S.C.V., and acting Adjutant.

Editor Mercury: Please publish for the information of friends the list of casualties in the  McQueen Battery, Captain T.E. GREGG commanding, S.C.V., PEGRAMS’S Battalion, Army Northern  Virginia:

July 22, Near Appomattox River- Wounded: Corporal Samuel Belflower, in the leg.

July 30, Near Appomattox River- Killed: W.F. Rogers.

J.L.C., 1st Sergeant.

Marion Star please copy.1

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  1. “South Carolina Casualties.” Charleston (SC) Mercury. August 8, 1864, p. 1 col. 5
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