Index to NARA Microfilm M935, Reel 12: Inspection Reports P-35 to 57-P-37


This page contains an index to National Archives and Records Administration Microfilm M935, Reel 12: Confederate Inspection Reports P-35 to 57-P-37.

Index to NARA Microfilm M935, Reel 12: Inspection Reports P-35 to 57-P-37


# Report Images Unit Commander Date Location
1 P-35 0023-0028.jpg HQ District of the Gulf?
2 P-37 0029-0034.jpg Index of P-37 Listing Included Reports
3 1-P-37 0035-0046.jpg Butler’s Cavalry Brigade Col H[ugh] K. Aiken 11/29/1864 Quaker Road, Va.
4 2-P-37 0047-0059.jpg Dearing’s Cavalry Brigade BG James Dearing 11/30/1864 Burgess Mill [Va.]
5 3-P-37 0060-0071.jpg Young’s Cavalry Brigade Col. J. F[rederick]. Waring 11/30/1864 3 1/2 miles from Stony Creek Depot
6 4-P-37 0072-0093.jpg Army of the Valley District LG Jubal A. Early 11/30/1864 New Market, Shenandoah Co. Va.
7 5-P-37 0094-0104.jpg Early’s Division, 2nd Army Corps BG Jno. Pegram 11/30/1864 Near Lac[ey] Spring
8 6-P-37 0105-0119.jpg Pegram’s Brigade Col. Jos[eph] S. Hoffman 11/29/1864 Harrisonburg, Valley of Va.
9 7-P-37 0120-0133.jpg Lewis’ Brigade, Early’s Div. [BG] W. G. Lewis 11/29/1864 Lacy’s Spring, Va.
10 8-P-37 0134-0147.jpg Johnston’s Brigade, Early’s Div. BG R[obert]. D. Johnston 11/29/1864 Camp “Ramseur”
11 9-P-37 0148-0169.jpg Hampton’s Cav. Corps, Army N. Va. MG Wade Hampton 11/30/1864 Station not listed
12 10-P-37 0170-0182.jpg W. H. F. Lee’s Cav. Div. ? Faded 11/30/1864 Near Stony Creek
13 11-P-37 0183-0195.jpg Chambliss’ Cav. Brig. Col R. L. T. Beale 11/29/1864 Stony Creek, Dinwiddie Co. Va.
14 12-P-37 0196-0208.jpg Barringer’s Cav. Brig. BG R. Barringer 11/30/1864 Chappell’s Farm, Va.
15 13-P-37 0209-0229.jpg Hoke’s Div. MG R. F. Hoke 12/31/1864 Dove Hill Farm, Va.
16 14-P-37 0230-0241.jpg Kirkland’s Brig. BG W. W. Kirkland 11/26-27/1864 Trenches near Richmond, Va.
17 15-P-37 0242-0253.jpg Colquitt’s Brig. BG Alfred H. Colquitt 11/26/1864 Laurel Hill, Va.
18 16-P-37 0254-0267.jpg Clingman’s Brig. Col Hector McKethan 11/26/1864 Lines below Richmond, Va.
19 17-P-37 0268-0282.jpg Hagood’s Brig. BG J. Hagood 11/26/1864 Between New Market + Darbytown Roads
20 18-P-37 0283-0292.jpg Heth’s Div., 3 Corps MG H. Heth 11/30/1864 Near Petersburg, Va.
21 19-P-37 0293-0304.jpg MacRae’s Brig. NC Troops BG William MacRae 11/30/1864 Near Petersburg, Va.
22 20-P-37 0305-0321.jpg Davis’ Brig. BG Jos. R. Davis 11/29/1864 Near Petersburg, Va.
23 21-P-37 0322-0337.jpg Cooke’s Brig., Heth’s Div., 3 Corps, A. N. Va. BG Jno. R. Cooke 11/28/1864 Near Petersburg, Va.
24 22-P-37 0338-0348.jpg Mahone’s Div. MG William Mahone 11/30/1864 Near Petersburg, Va.
25 23-P-37 0349-0359.jpg Finegan’s Brig. BG Joseph Finegan 11/30/1864 Near Petersburg, Va.
26 24-P-37 0360-0371.jpg Weisiger’s Brig. BG D. A. Weisiger 11/28/1864 Near Petersburg, Va.
27 25-P-37 0372-0383.jpg Harris’ Brig. BG N. H. Harris 11/28/1864 Petersburg, Va.
28 26-P-37 0384-0395.jpg Sanders’ Old Brigade Col. Wm. H. Forney 11/30/1864 Petersburg, Va.
29 27-P-37 0396-0412.jpg Steuart’s Brig. BG George H. Steuart 11/??/1864 (probably 11/30/1864) Near the Clay House
30 28-P-37 0413-0437.jpg Kershaw’s Div. MG J. B. Kershaw 11/30/1864 Before Richmond, Va.
31 29-P-37 0438-0452.jpg Wofford’s Brig. BG Wofford 11/28/1864 Near Richmond, Va.
32 30-P-37 0453-0468.jpg Conner’s Brig. Col Jno. D. Kennedy 11/28/1864 Near Richmond, Va.
33 31-P-37 0469-0482.jpg Bryan’s Brig. Col J. P. Simms 11/30/1864 Near Richmond, Va.
34 32-P-37 0483-0494.jpg Wharton’s Div., Army of Valley of Va. BG G. C. Wharton 11/30/1864 Near New Market, Va.
35 33-P-37 0495-0508.jpg 1st Brig., Wharton’s Div. LtCol Jas. C. McD[onald?] 11/28/1864 New Market, Va.
36 34-P-37 0509-0522.jpg Forsberg’s Brig., Wharton’s Div. Maj P. Otey 11/28/1864 Camp near New Market [Va.]
37 35-P-37 0523-0534.jpg 3 Brig., Wharton’s Div. Col Thomas Smith 11/29/1864 Near New Market, Va.
38 36-P-37 0535-0555.jpg Gordon’s Div., 2 A. C. MG Jno. B. Gordon 11/28/1864 Near New Market, Va.
39 37-P-37 0556-0570.jpg Evans Brigade, Gordon’s Division BG C. A. Evans 11/29/1864 Near New Market, Va.
40 38-P-37 0571-0591.jpg Terry’s Brigade BG Wm. Terry 11/29/1864 New Market, Va.
41 39-P-37 0592-0611.jpg York’s Command Col Wm. R. Peck 11/29/1864 Near New Market, Va.
42 40-P-37 0612-0623.jpg Rodes’ Division, 2d Army Corps BG Grimes 11/30/1864 New Market, Va.
43 41-P-37 0624-0640.jpg Battle’s Brigade, Rodes’ Division LTCol E. L. Hobson 11/29/1864 New Market, Va.
44 42-P-37 0641-0655.jpg Grimes’ North Carolina Brigade Col D. G. Cowand 11/29/1864 Near New Market, Va.
45 43-P-37 0656-0674.jpg Cox’s Brigade BG Wm. R. Cox 11/30/1864 New Market, Va.
46 44-P-37 0675-0690.jpg Cook’s GA Brigade Col W. H. Peebles 11/30/1864 Near New Market, Va.
47 46-P-37 0691-0709.jpg Wilcox’s Division MG C. M. Wilcox 11/30/1864 Near Petersburg, Va.
48 47-P-37 0710-0722.jpg McGowan’s Brigade, Wilcox’s Division, 3rd Corps BG S. McGowan 11/24/1864 Near Petersburg, Va.
49 48-P-37 0723-0734.jpg Scales’ Brigade Col Wm. Lee Lowrance 11/25/1864 Petersburg, Va.
50 49-P-37 0735-0745.jpg Thomas’ Brigade BG E. L. Thomas 11/29/1864 Petersburg, Va.
51 50-P-37 0746-0762.jpg Lane’s NC Brigade, Wilcox’s Division, 3rd Corps Col R. V. Cowan 11/28/1864 Near Jones’ House, Va.
52 51-P-37 0763-0774.jpg First Mil Div., Dept NC SV BG H. A. Wise 11/30/1864 Petersburg, Va.
53 52-P-37 0775-0786.jpg Johnson’s Division, Anderson’s Corps, ANV MG B. R. Johnson 11/??/1864 Petersburg, Va.
54 53-P-37 0787-0798.jpg Gracie’s Brigade, Johnson’s Division BG A. Gracie, Jr. 11/27/1864 Petersburg, Va.
55 54-P-37 0799-0809.jpg Wise’s Brigade Col J. Thomas Goode 11/27/1864 Trenches, near Petersburg, Va.
56 55-P-37 0810-0823.jpg Ransom’s Brigade BG Ransom 11/29/1864 Petersburg, Va.
57 56-P-37 0824-0835.jpg Elliott’s Brigade BG Wm. H. Wallace 11/26/1864 Petersburg, Va.
58 57-P-37 0836-0849.jpg Humphreys’ Brigade, Kershaw’s Division Maj G. B. Gerald, 18th Mississppi 11/28/1864 Near Richmond, Va.

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