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Volume XLVI (January 1-April 9, 1865)

Volume XLVI of the Official Records covers the Petersburg Campaign from January 1 to April 2, 1865 as well as the Appomattox Campaign from April 3-9, 1865. The Siege of Petersburg in 1865 saw the further extension of the lines at the Battle of Hatcher’s Run, a final attempt at an offensive by Lee at Fort Stedman, and the final battles around Petersburg, including Five Forks and the Breakthrough. This volume is broken up into three parts. Part 1, listed below, contains reports of the leaders of various units from armies down to regiments and batteries on both sides. Volumes 2 and 3 consist of correspondence such as letters and telegrams, organized by date and time sent. If you want to learn more about the Siege of Petersburg and the race to Appomattox via official reports and dispatches, this page and its sub-pages are a great place to start.

Operations in … Southeastern Virginia…
January 1-June 30, 1865.

The following offensives and battles occurred during this time:

Grant’s Eighth Offensive

  • The Battle of Hatcher’s Run: February 5-7, 1865

The Battle of Fort Stedman: March 25, 1865

Grant’s Ninth Offensive

  • The Battle of Lewis’s Farm: March 29, 1865
  • The Battle of White Oak Road: March 31, 1865
  • The Battle of Dinwiddie Court House: March 31, 1865
  • The Battle of Five Forks: April 1, 1865
  • The Third Battle of Petersburg: April 2, 1865
  • The Battle of Sutherland’s Station: April 2, 1865

The Appomattox Campaign

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