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Naval Official Records, Volume X


The USS Agawam was a “double ender” very suited to combat on the James River. (ORN X, pg. 438)

Volume X of the Naval Official Records covers the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron, which had a presence on the James River during the Siege of Petersburg, from May 6 to October 27, 1864. This volume is only one part, and contains reports and correspondence of the leaders of various ships and commands on both sides. The Naval Official Records are not as tidy in using a numbering system.

UPDATE: Starting on January 2, 2021, all reports, telegrams, letters, etc. pertaining to the Siege of Petersburg will begin to appear below in roughly chronological order. I’ve made the decision to group telegrams and letters for a given month into single posts in order to reduce the number of tiny entries. I will be “tagging” these entries for dates, vessels, battles, skirmishes, events, and other items just as I did for the Army Official Records.  In this way, I hope to make it easy for someone to find every bit of information on a single ship, battle, or date across my entire site.