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Bermuda Hundred Campaign

Editor’s Note: The index below lists out the articles in the Southern Historical Society which are relevant to the Bermuda Hundred Campaign.  Links to posts of the actual articles follow the index.  Look for these articles to gradually appear at Beyond the Crater.

  • Vol. 12, pages 289-294: “The Seventeenth Virginia Infantry at Flat Creek and Drewry’s Bluff” by Arthur Herbert
  • Vol. 16, pages 223-224: “Account of Skirmish at Swift Creek” by George C. Cabell
  • Vol. 19, pages 100-111: “Battle at Drewry’s Bluff” by Charles T. Loehr
  • Vol. 37, pages 179-183: “Fighting That War Close by Us:  One Who Was There Tells About the Battle of Drewry’s Bluff‑‑Many Errors Corrected” by John U. Sumpter


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