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Volume 5

Editor’s Note: The index below lists out the contents of Volume 5 of the Papers of the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts which are relevant to the Petersburg Campaign.  Links to posts of the actual articles are posted prior to the index as I finish them.  Look for these articles to gradually appear at the Siege of Petersburg Online.


Volume 5 Table of Contents (Only Petersburg Campaign Items Are Mentioned):

I. Operations of the Army of the Potomac, June 5-15, 1864…..1

By Colonel Theodore Lyman

II. Crossing of the James and Advance on Petersburg…..25

By Colonel Theodore Lyman

III. The Failure to Take Petersburg, June 15, 1864…..33

By Colonel Thomas L. Livermore

IV. The Movement Against Petersburg, June, 1864…..75

By Major-General William F. Smith

V. Letter of General Beauregard to General C.M. Wilcox…..117

VI. Crossing of the James and First Assault Upon Petersburg, June 12-15, 1864…..125

By Frank E. Peabody

VII. Some Observations Concerning the Opposing Forces at Petersburg on June 15, 1864…..147

By Frank E. Peabody

VIII. The Failure to Take Petersburg on June 16-18, 1864…..157

By John C. Ropes

IX. Bermuda Hundred, June 16 and 17, 1864…..187

By Brevet Brigadier-General Francis A. Osborn

X. The Petersburg Mine…..205

By Brevet Brigadier-General Stephen M. Weld

XI. The Petersburg Mine…..221

By Captain Charles H. Porter

XII. Operations Against The Weldon Railroad, August 18, 19, 21, 1864…..241

By Captain Charles H. Porter

XIII. Reams’ Station…..267

By Brevet Brigadier-General Francis A. Walker

XIV. The Siege of Petersburg After the Capture of the Weldon Railroad…..307

By Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William R. Driver

XV. The Expedition to the Boydton Plank Road, October, 1864…..319

By Brevet Brigadier-General Francis A. Walker

(Note: Other articles at the end of this volume focus on Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.)



Badeau: Badeau’s Military History of General Grant .

C. W.: Reports of Committee on the Condnct of the War.

Grant’s Memoirs: Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant.

M. H. S. M. Or M. E. M.: Papers of the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts.

N. & L.: Numbers and Losses in the Civil War in America, 1861-1865, by Thomas L. Livermore.

Pond’s S. V.: The Shenandoah Valley, by George A. Pond.

So. Hist. Soc.: Papers of the Southern Historical Society.

Va. Camp.: The Virginia Campaign of 1864 and 1865, by Andrew A. Humphreys.

Walker or Walker 2d Corps: History of the Second Army Corps in the Army of the Potomac, by Francis A. Walker.

W. R.: The War of the Rebellion, Official Records, cited by ” serial numbers.”

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