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The Last Campaign of the War: Albert Stickney’s Unpublished Five Forks Manuscript

Albert Stickney was Gouverneur K. Warren’s attorney at his postwar 1880’s Court of Inquiry. Warren had been unceremoniously sacked by Phil Sheridan, with the permission of Grant, on the afternoon of April 1, 1865, AFTER the victory at Five Forks. In that Court of Inquiry Warren was eventually cleared of all major charges against him, but not prior to his death. Stickney wrote a history of these last days of the war, but never had it published.  As you can imagine, this manuscript was favorable to Warren at the expense of Sheridan and Grant.  I present the manuscript here in its entirety over the course of several posts.  It makes an interesting counterpoint to popular views on the Battle of Five Forks as written by Sheridan and Grant.  This manuscript was made available by Bryce Suderow.  The images here may not be copied and used without his permission.  With that said, anyone may feel free to transcribe this document in its entirety or in part for reuse.


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