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Today in the Petersburg Campaign: April 8, 1865

April 8, 1865

The engagement at Appomattox Station, VA, as Maj. Gen. George G. Meade, USA, continued to press Gen. Robert E. Lee, CSA, while Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan, USA, and his cavalry capture the Confederate supply trains at Appomattox Station.  Lee now faced the following:

a) Behind Lee: Maj. Gen. George G. Meade and the 2nd US Army Corps – Maj. Gen. Andrew A. Humphreys, USA, Commanding and the 6th US Army Corps – Maj. Gen. Horatio G. Wright, USA, Commanding
b) To Lee’s left: Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan’s Cavalry, 5th US Army Corps – Maj. Gen. Charles Griffin, USA, Commanding
c) In Lee’s front towards Lynchburg: Maj. Gen. E.O.C. Ord, USA, and the US Army of the James.

Note: All “Today In The Petersburg Campaign” blog entries are used with permission from Ronald A. Mosocco’s Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War per the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion. Order the book HERE.

Copyright © 1993, 1994 by Ronald A. Mosocco

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