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OR XLVI P1 #54: Report of Bvt. General Francis C. Barlow, commanding 2/II/AotP, April 6-9, 1865

No. 54. Report of Bvt. General Francis C. Barlow, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division.1

April 14, 1865.

COLONEL: I have the honor to report that I was assigned to the command of this division on April 6, 1865, relieving Brigadier General Smyth. The division was at that time near Amelia Springs. On the morning of that day the division moved out on the – road, covering the right flank of the First Division. We did not come in contact with the enemy during the day. On the morning of April 7 we continued the pursuit of the enemy, moving on the right of the First Division and the main road. During the morning, learning that it was the intention of the corps commander to pass over High Bridge, I sent the Nineteenth Regiment Maine Volunteers (of the First Brigade) to secure the bridge. After considerable skirmishing this regiment drove away the enemy, and secured the crossing and extinguished the fire on the small dirt road bridge. They were unable to extinguish the fire on the railroad bridge; three spans of it were destroyed before the division pioneers could cut away the burning part. During the skirmishing Colonel Starbird, commanding Nineteenth Maine Volunteers, a gallant officer, was dangerously wounded. The enemy subsequently made a smart attempt to retake the brigade, supporting their skirmish line with troops in line of battle; but the Third Brigade (Brigadier-General

Smyth) coming up they were repulsed. The division here received eighteen abandoned guns and about 500 Enfield rifles. They afterward advanced to Farmville, meeting with considerable resistance, during which a portion of the skirmish line was captured. During the skirmishing Brigadier-General Smyth, commanding Third Brigade, was mortally wounded. From Farmville we pursued the enemy in a northeasterly direction, on the Cumberland Court-House road, but were subsequently ordered to join the rest of the corps.

On the 8th of April we advanced, without incident, to a point some eight miles west of New Store. On the 9th hostilities were terminated by the surrender of the enemy.

I have the honor to be, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Brevet Major-General Volunteers, Commanding Division.

Lieutenant Colonel C. A. WHITTIER,
Assistant Adjutant-General, Second Army Corps.


  1. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volume XLVI, Part 1 (Serial Number 95), pp. 758-759
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