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OR XLVI P1 #49: Report of Captain John R. Weltner, 116th PA, Mar 29-Apr 9, 1865

No. 49. Report of Captain John R. Weltner, One hundred and sixteenth Pennsylvania Infantry.1

April 10, 1865.

Report of operations from the 28th ultimo to the present time.

March 29, broke camp at 6 a. m., marched on the left until we joined the Fifth Corps, passed through the line of works and marched southward. About 12 m. formed line of skirmishers and advanced until after night, met with no opposition, rested for the night, still being deployed as skirmishers.

March 30, shortly after daylight the line began to advance, and continued to do so until about 10 a. m., when they were relieved, fell back, and built works, remaining in the latter position all day and the rest of the night.

March 31, moved early in the morning toward the left nd occupied a position behind a line of works; remained until about 9 a. m., when we moved still farther to the left in support of the Fifth Corps; shortly after forming line head heavy firing in our front, and in a few minutes a portion of the Fifth Corps broke and retreated to out line. About this time our brigade was ordered out in front of the works. they formed line of battle and advanced on the enemy, charged them twice, and were driven back each time; the third time we were more successful, and compelled the enemy to fall back at least two miles; held our position, built works, and remained all night.

April 1, moved about daylight and took up our old position occupied by us on the day previous. About 6 p. m. received orders to move; formed line and moved two or three miles to the left and occupied our old line of works; considerable skirmishing going on while we occupied this line; marched about 12 midnight, moving toward the left.

April 2, joined the Fifth Corps, formed line, and rested until 8 a. m., when we took up line of march and moved back to a position a short distance in the rear of the position occupied on the night previous; remained about two hours, when word was received that the enemy had evacuated; advanced at once and passed into their line; continued to advance for a mile or two, when the enemy were found to be intrenched

and offering resistance to our farther advance; formed line of battle in an open field on the right of the road, advanced a short distance and then lay down awaiting further orders; lay in this position two house when we were ordered to move to the left; advanced in this way about a mile and a half, formed line of battle and charged the enemy’s works (coming in on their left flank), and drove them from their position; after the charge formed lines and continued on until we made connection with the other line, which being complete moved down the road for a short distance, when we about-faced and marched about one mile; formed line and rested for the night.

April 3, marched about 8 a. m., nothing of consequence occurring all day; rested quietly during the night.

April 4, nothing of consequence occurring.

April 5, still moving on the left, drew rations in the morning; took up line of march; passed a portion of Fifth Corps about 4 p. m.; crossed railroad, built works and rested quietly all night.

April 6, moved early in the morning and came in sight of the enemy’s wagon train in about an hour’s time; formed line of battle and advanced a long distance; this day a large number of wagons were captured; rested about 9 p. m., and remained quiet all night.

April 7, formed line of march and advanced about four miles, when we were attacked by the enemy; built works and rested quietly all night.

April 8, marched all day, nothing of consequence occurring.

April 9, marched about 8 a. m. and moved slowly along the road; advanced about one mile and halted, remaining in the road until late in the afternoon; received word of the surrender of General Lee; great rejoicing throughout the whole brigade. Camped all night in a field to the left of the road.

April 10, quiet all day, men busily engaged in cleaning their arms and putting up tents.

Respectfully submitted.

Captain, Commanding Regiment.


  1. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volume XLVI, Part 1 (Serial Number 95), pp. 752-753
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