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Today in the Petersburg Campaign: April 6, 1865

April 6, 1865

Skirmish at Flat Creek, near Amelia Springs, VA, the Appomattox, VA, Campaign.

Action near High Bridge, VA, the Appomattox Campaign.

Brig. Gen. James Deering, CSA, is mortally wounded at the action at High Bridge, VA, from a pistol duel with Bvt. Brig. Gen. Theodore Read, USA, who also died from this duel on April 6, 1865, Bvt. Brig. Gen. Dearing dying on April 23, 1865.

The engagement at Sayler’s Creek, VA, where the Confederate Army separates into two columns heading in different directions, and Lieut. Gen. Richard S. Ewell’s entire Confederate Army Corps is overwhelmed by Maj. Gens. Philip H. Sheridan and Horatio Wright’s 6th US Army Corps, and forced over 8,000 Confederates to surrender.  This will be the last fight between the Army of Northern Virginia and the Federal Army of the Potomac.

The engagement at Rice’s Station, VA, as the other Confederate column under Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet, CSA, encounters the Federals under Maj. Gen. Edward O.C. Ord, USA, the Appomattox, VA, Campaign.

Note: All “Today In The Petersburg Campaign” blog entries are used with permission from Ronald A. Mosocco’s Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War per the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion. Order the book HERE.

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