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A Quick Note on Fort Harrison and New Market Heights

As many readers have probably noticed, quite a few primary sources are being posted on the Battle of Fort Harrison (and Fort Gilmer) as well as the Battle of New Market Heights.  Collectively, these fights on September 29, 1864 are referred to as the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm.  As the sesquicentennial of the Siege of Petersburg has gone along, I’ve tried to post primary sources for ALL major battles near the 150th anniversary of each.  However, for the Fifth Offensive, I just haven’t had the time to track down and post items for the Battle of Peebles (or Pegram’s) Farm, which occurred from September 30-Ocotber 2, 1864 on the Army of the Potomac’s front southwest of Petersburg.  I plan to focus my attention on the Army of the James’ front this year, and then next year focus on the Army of the Potomac’s experiences during the Fifth Offensive.  It isn’t ideal and it’s not the way I wanted to do things originally, but other, more important obligations caused me to concede defeat in this particular case.  Check out the list below for a lot of primary source accounts of the collective Battle of Chaffin’s Farm.  More items will continue appearing through the end of September 29, and I had so many available that I actually was able to schedule other posts for September 2015.


Items at the Siege of Petersburg Online Pertaining to the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm:

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  • Roland Waddell January 20, 2019, 8:03 am

    Do you have information pertaining to the Battle of New Market Heights? If so, the producers of “Hidden Heritage TV” would like to hear from you. Please send us your thoughts about the battle and any participants of the battle.

    In the interim, I would like you to view this recent student interview on the topic.
    Watch Battle of New Market Heights on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/312280197/6174158cfe

    Roland Waddell
    Executive Producer/Host
    Hidden Heritage TV

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