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NT: August 26, 1882 National Tribune: Cool in the Midst of Danger

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Brett Schulte.

Cool in the Midst of Danger.

Lieutenant Fred. A. Wodd, of the Eighth Maine volunteers, although an excitable man, was well known for cool bravery. In the midst of the battle of Fort Harrison, September 29, 1864, he had just given to the company that he commanded the command “Right dress,” when a 100-pound shell from the enemy struck a field-gun within a yard of where he stood, and exploded, killing one man and four horses, smashing the gun-carriage and sent a whirl-wind of splinters about the lieutenant’s head. Fred., entirely undisturbed, roared out to one of his men, “Step up there into place, Jackman. Tou are always letting some little thing draw away your attention.”1

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