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NT: October 18, 1888 National Tribune: C. W. Clayberger, 188th PA, on Fort Harrison

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Brett Schulte.

C. W. Clayberger, Co. G, 188th P[ennsylvani]a., Brandonville, Pa., says he has just returned from Gettysburg, where the 3d P[ennsylvani]a. H[eavy]. A[rtillery]. and the 188th P[ennsylvani]a. held their third annual Reunion, which was a glorious meeting. If some of the brave soldiers who want to claim the honor of planting the flag on the ramparts of Fort Harrison had been with them, they would have seen the man who did actually do said planting, in the person of W. L. Graul, besides lots of persons who were eye-witnesses of the matter to prove the same; among them being Col. Given, Serg’t Dennison and Private Clayberger. The 188th P[ennsylvani]a. defy anyone to meet them at Fort Harrison and prive who is right about this matter. If Col. [Cecil] Clay, of the 58th P[ennsylvani]a., claims this honor he is mistaken, for Serg’t Graul planted the blue State flag of the 188th P[ennsylvani]a. long before the Stars and Stripes appeared on the fort.1

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  1. Clayberger, C. W. No Title. National Tribune 18 October 1888. 3:6.
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