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150 Years Ago Today at Petersburg: February 6, 1865

February 6, 1865

The Battle of Hatcher’s Run, or Dabney’s Mill, VA, as Lieut. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, USA, extends Gen. Robert E. Lee’s CSA, defensive lines around Petersburg, VA, by sending the 2nd and 5th US Army Corps south and westward toward the Boydton Plank Road and Hatcher’s Run, the Richmond, VA, Campaign.  2/5-7/1865.

Brig. Gen. John Pegram, CSA, is mortally wounded at Hatcher’s Run, or Dabney’s Mill, VA, instantly killed by a Federal minie ball through his heart as he led his troops against the Federal positions of Maj. Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren’s, USA, 5th US Army Corps, with the Confederates being repulsed.

Maj. Gen. Edward O.C. Ord, USA, is assigned to command of the Dept. of Virginia, the Richmond, VA, Campaign.

Brig. Gen. Henry E. Davies is wounded at Hatcher’s Run.

Colonel Spear’s Brigade, Kautz’s Cavalry Division, Army of the James goes on a reconnaissance mission to White Oak Swamp, encountering pickets of the 7th South Carolina Cavalry, Gary’s Cavalry Brigade, Department of Richmond.

General Orders No. 3 appointing Robert E. Lee as General-in-chief of the Armies of the Confederate States is published for the information of the Confederate army.

Note: All “Today In The Petersburg Campaign” blog entries are used with permission from Ronald A. Mosocco’s Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War per the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion. Order the book HERE.

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