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OR LI P1: Report of Major John B. Overmeyer, 11th PA, February 5-10, 1865

Report of Major John B. Overmeyer, Eleventh Pennsylvania Infantry, of operations February 5-10.1

Camp near Hatcher’s Run, Va., February 13, 1865.

SIR: In obedience to circular from headquarters Second Brigade of February 9, 1865, I make the following report of regiment during recent movement of corps:

On morning of 5th instant this regiment, with brigade, marched from camp near Jerusalem plank road along Halifax road, crossing —– Creek, and encamped for the night on Gravelly Creek plantation. On morning of 6th instant march was resumed, crossing Hatcher’s Run, when brigade was massed with division on east side of stream until 2

p. m., when regiment, with brigade, recrossed stream, taking a northwest course, and marched about three-quarters of a mile, when line of battle was formed. Ninety-seventh New York Volunteers, Sixteenth Maine Volunteers, and Thirty-ninth Massachusetts Volunteers were formed in front, and Eleventh Pennsylvania and Eighty-eight Pennsylvania Volunteers in second line. Front line was then marched by the right flank. This regiment ordered to follow Ninety-seventh New York Volunteers. After marching in that direction about a quarter of a mile the lines were re-established, their relative positions being the same as on first formation. The front line was ordered to advance and immediately encountered the enemy. I followed the advance and soon became engaged, the front line having retired. Quite a number of volleys were exchanged when I, with permission from the general commanding brigade, advanced my line some fifty yards, which position I held for a time, when, by direction of the general commanding brigade, I moved my command a short distance by right flank and erected temporary works, but on account of no troops being on our right we were compelled to leave those works, but were successful in regaining them after a short action. We held our position until by the giving way of the entire line on our right and the exhaustion of our ammunition we were forced to abandon it and retire to the fortifications on Hatcher’s Run; it was now dark; the regiment was again formed and remained inside these works during the night. At 10.30 a. m. on the 7th instant regiment, with brigade, marched about a mile along earth-works bearing northwest. We were preceded by Thirty-ninth Massachusetts Volunteers, which was then deployed as skirmishers, and this regiment was ordered to support them. Both lines were ordered to advance. Thirty-ninth Massachusetts becoming warmly engaged, Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteers was marched to their assistance and drove back the rebel skirmishers, captured one line of temporary earth-works, and advanced to within 100 yards of the enemy’s line of strong earth-works. The regiment remained on skirmish line until about 10 p. m., when it was relieved by part of the Sixth Corps and marched a short distance to the rear. Shortly afterward we were withdrawn and marched across Hatcher’s Run and bivouacked on east side of stream during night. At 2 p. m. 8th instant regiment was moved about 300 yards farther east and bivouacked during night. Next morning, 9th instant, regiment, with brigade, was put on picket, relieving First Brigade. 10th instant regiment marched back to old camp. During every action in which my command was engaged both officers and men displayed the most conspicuous gallantry, coolness, and intrepidity under fire. The regiment was in the “thickest of the fight” on that part of the line on which it was engaged. The following is the loss in the various actions: February 6, 1 non-commissioned officer (Sergt. B. F. Walker) killed, 6 privates killed, 2 officers and 54 privates wounded, 5 missing; February 7, 2 privates killed, 15 privates wounded, 4 missing. Recapitulation: Two officers, 69 privates wounded; 1 non-commissioned officer and 8 men killed; 9 privates missing; total, 2 officers and 87 enlisted men.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Major, Commanding Regiment.

Lieutenant A. LEAVITT,
Acting Assistant Adjutant-General, Second Brigade.



  1. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volume LI, Part 1 (Serial Number 107), pp. 291-292
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