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A Note on the August 16, 1864 New York Evening Post: The Colored Troops at Petersburg

I recently learned that the letter written to the New York Evening Post and published in the August 16, 1864 edition of the paper was penned by Major Thomas Wright of the 31st United States Colored Troops.  I questioned who might have written the letter at the time I posted it and noted this question on the page of the 31st United States Colored Troops in the Third Offensive section.  After recently reading and transcribing the report of Major Thomas Wright, 31st USCT, of operations June 4-November 6, 1864, published in the 1865-1866 edition of the Connecticut Adjutant General’s Report, it became clear that Wright had penned the letter in questions, as he had succeeded Lt. Colonel W. E. W. Ross and was in turn succeeded by Captain Charles Robinson, facts related in both the letter and Wright’s report.

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