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CSS Scorpion

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Ship Information (from DANFS)1 ,2:

Name: CSS Scorpion Type: Steam Torpedo Boat Tonnage: Not Listed.
Length: Not Listed. Beam: 6’3” Draught: Not Listed.
Speed: Not Listed. Complement: Not Listed. Class: Squib
Armament: 1 5″-dia., 18′ spar with percussion torpedo
Namesake: Not Listed.


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Ship Model Available:

Long Face Games Union and Confederate Torpedo Boats Ship Models Designs, 1/600 and 1/1200

Lieutenant Edward Lakin
Captain Image

Captain 2
Captain Image

Captain 3
Captain Image


First Offensive Order of Battle (June 13-18, 1864):

  • Not Yet a Warship

Second Offensive Order of Battle (June 19-30, 1864):

  • Not Yet a Warship

Third Offensive Order of Battle (July 1-31, 1864):

  • Not Yet a Warship

Fourth Offensive Order of Battle (August 1-31, 1864):

  • Not Yet a Warship

Fifth Offensive Order of Battle (September 1-October 13, 1864):

  • Not Yet a Warship

Sixth Offensive Order of Battle (October 14-31, 1864):

  • Not Yet a Warship

Seventh Offensive Order of Battle (November 1-December 31, 1864):

  • Not Yet a Warship

Eighth Offensive Order of Battle (January 1-February 28, 1865): James River Naval Squadron | Confederate Navy (until January 24, 1865)3

  • Captain:
    • Lieutenant Edward Lakin (January 24, 1865)(wounded January 24, 1865)4
    • ??? (after Lakin was wounded on January 24, 1865)5
    • No longer afloat. (February 1865)6
  • Crew Strength:
  • Armament:
  • Note: This ship is noted as a “torpedo boat.” The CSS Scorpion was captured by the enemy on January 24, 1865 during the Battle of Trent’s Reach.7

Ninth Offensive Order of Battle (March 1-April 2, 1865):

  • No Longer a Confederate Warship


Siege of Petersburg Battles:


Siege of Petersburg Involvement:9

CSS Scorpion was procured late in 1864 by the Confederate States Navy and armed with a spar torpedo fitted to her stem. She performed picket duty in the James River under command of Lt. E. Lakin, CSN.

On 23-25 January 1865 torpedo boats Scorpion, Hornet and Wasp, under overall command of Lt. C. W. Read, CSN, joined Flag Officer J. K. Mitchell’s James River Squadron in the abortive attack on General Grant’s main supply base at City Point, Va. Attempting to rejoin her consort, ironclad Richmond, aground above Trent’s Reach, Scorpion ended up fast ashore also and was severely damaged by the magazine explosion which destroyed nearby gunboat CSS Drewry, 24 January. Abandoned, she fell into Federal hands.



    Siege of Petersburg Documents Which Mention This Unit:


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