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OR XLVI P1 #218: Report of Bvt. Major General Edward Ferrero, Infantry Division, Defenses of Bermuda Hundred, AotJ, April 2, 1865

No. 218. Report of Bvt. Major General Edward Ferrero, U. S. Army, commanding Infantry Division.1

Defenses of Bermuda Hundred, April 2, 1865.

MAJOR: I have the honor to report that, in accordance with instructions received from the general commanding, I attacked the enemy’s line at a point in front of Redoubt Carpenter this morning at 4.30 o’clock. The attacking column was taken from Colonel Kibbe’s brigade. The First Battalion of the Tenth New York Artillery, under command of Major J. B. Campbell, lead the advance. He succeeded in carrying the enemy’s picket-line, three-quarters of a mile in length, and holding the same until the Second Battalion, Tenth New York Artillery, under command of Major S. R. Cowles, re-enforced the line. The enemy opened their batteries in front and on both flanks, [and,] aided by the infantry, made the position acquired almost untenable. The object of the reconnaissance being accomplished the command fell back to its original position.

I would state that the troops engaged behaved most splendidly, and returned in perfect order, guided by Major Campbell, under a very severe fire of artillery and musketry. Major Campbell deserves great praise for his gallantry and coolness, also for the ability he displayed in the handling of his troops. Wounded in the arm himself, yet not relinquishing his command until he saw his men safe to our lines.

Our loss will amount to about forty, as far as I can learn. A detailed report of casualties will be forwarded at the earliest moment.

The enemy were behind strong works, which where fully manned by infantry and artillery .

We captured six prisoners, and on retiring destroyed the abatis in front of the picket-line.

Very respectfully,

Brevet Major-General, Commanding.

Major J. M. HOWARD,
Assistant Adjutant-General, Defenses of Bermuda Hundred.


Defenses of Bermuda Hundred, Va.,
April 2, 1865.

The general commanding desires to express his admiration for the gallant manner in which the troops of the Tenth New York Artillery carried the picket-line of the enemy this morning. It was necessary that the presence and strength of the enemy should be developed, and the result was a success. To the officers engaged be tenders his hearty thanks for their co-operation in carrying out his orders. The conduct of Major J. B. Campbell is worthy of the highest praise, for the cool and skillful manner in which he advanced his line, and in withdrawing it under a heavy fire of artillery and musketry, while suffering himself from a wound in the arm. With such an officer to lead success must follow.

By command of Brevet Major-General Ferrero:

Assistant Adjutant-General.


  1. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volume XLVI, Part 1 (Serial Number 95), pp. 1172-1173
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