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NP: June 28, 1864 Richmond Examiner: Still Later From the North, June 22

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin. Portions of this article not pertaining to the Siege of Petersburg have been omitted.




The Eighteenth corps, under General Smith, has crossed the Appomattox river and joined Grant’s main body. The Washington STAR of Friday, (24th,) learns from parties arriving from the front, that whilst the Second and Sixth corps, Hancock’s and Wright’s, were making, on Wednesday last, a flank movement to the left, in the direction of the Petersburg and Weldon railroad, they were suddenly attacked by the Confederates, in strong force, who struck the left of Hancock’s corps in a furious charge, and rolling it up, captured a number of prisoners. At the same time they fell upon the rear of the second brigade of the third division, and caused great embarrassment to the latter, but subsequently, it is asserted, the Confederate advance was checked. The Twelfth New York battery lost four guns.1

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  1. “Still Later from the North.” Richmond Examiner. June 28, 1864, p. 3 col. 6
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