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UPR: Report of Major Jackson L. Bost, 37th North Carolina, Lane’s Brigade, of operations May 12-July 27, 1864

Editor’s Note: Brett Schulte recently noticed this report transcribed online among the James H. Lane Papers at the Auburn University Archives web site.  Permission was asked for and granted by Auburn University Libraries, Department of Special Collections & University Archives to reproduce these transcriptions here at The Siege of Petersburg Online.  These transcriptions are copyrighted by Auburn University Libraries, Department of Special Collections & University Archives and may not be reproduced without their express written consent.  The transcription attribution reads as follows: “Transcriptions made by Terri Stout-Stevens, Pfafftown, NC, in 1997 and 1998.  Edited by Marty Olliff, Assistant Archivist, Auburn University, who takes all responsibility for any errors.”


Unpublished Report of Major Jackson L. Bost, 37th North Carolina, Lane’s Brigade, of operations May 12-July 27, 18641

Hd Qrs 37th N[orth]. C[arolina]. T[roops].
Sept[ember] 8th 1864

Capt E.J. Hale Jr.
A[ssistant]. A[djutant]. Gen[eral].

Capt. I respectfully submit the following report.

[SOPO Editor’s Note: I have decided to keep the portion of this report prior to the Siege of Petersburg intact so you can see what the regiment went through.  Editing and comments will be light to non-existent for the May 12 to June 12 portion of the report.]

After the capture of Col Barbour on the 12th of May at Spottsylvania, the Regt was not actively engaged at that place, however, on the 21st the Regt with the Brigade was in what is termed a “Seining Expedition” to ascertain the strength of the enemy which was done with little loss, which was added to a previous report of Col Barbour. At “Jerico Ford” 23rd May the Regt was engaged sharply with considerable loss for some three hours, until night came on when the Brigade fell back. Casualties 22. At “Turkey Hill” June 2nd the Regt was in the charge to gain possession of that important position, and suffered some while there in the breastworks from stray balls. Casualties 15. June 13th [1864] the [37th North Carolina] Reg[imen]t with the Brigade [Lane/Wilcox/Third/ANV]] marched to “Fraziers Farm” but was not actively engaged besides its skirmishers.2 On 18th June [1864] the Regt marched to Petersburg about 25 miles where it remained on the front line.3 On the 22nd [of June] the Regt with the Brigade was in another one of the Seining Expeditions to feel the strength of the enemy on the “Jerusalem Plank Road,” found him in strong force, entrenched, Captured a few skirmishers, with little loss. Late on the same evening the Regt & Brigade was moved farther to the left to support Gen. [William] Mahone, and under a shower of Artillery and Musketry but sustained no heavy loss.4 Casualties at Petersburg from June 19th to 2nd July amount to Ten (10). On the night of the 2nd July [1864] & next morning [July 3, 1864] the [37th North Carolina] Reg[imen]t marched from Petersburg to “Deep Bottom,” where until the 28th [of July, 1864] the regt except skirmishing had comparatively a quiet time. Casualties from 2nd to 27th July Five (5). Officers wounded Three. Men Killed four, wounded thirty six, missing nine. Total fifty two.

I have the honor to be most
respectfully your Ob[e]d[ien]t servant

J[ackson]. L. Bost Maj[or]
37th N[orth]. C[arolina]. T[roops].

[Capt E. J. Hale Jr.
A[ssistant]. A[djutant]. Gen[era]l]



  1. Bost, Jackson L. (1864, September 8). (Official Report sent to E. J. Hale, Jr.). James H. Lane Papers (RG 501, Box 2, number 76). Auburn University Libraries Department of Special Collections & University Archives, Auburn, AL.
  2. SOPO Editor’s Note: This was the Skirmish at Riddell’s Shop. It occurred near the 1862 Seven Days’ battlefield of Glendale aka Frazer’s Farm.
  3. SOPO Editor’s Note: Lane’s Brigade and Wilcox’s Division, part of A. P. Hill’s Third Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, did not arrive in time to see fighting at the Second Battle of Petersburg, fought from June 15-18, 1864.
  4. SOPO Editor’s Note: The fighting on June 22, 1864 was part of the larger Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road. See Bost’s slightly more wordy report of his regiment’s movements on June 22, 1864.
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