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NP: June 25, 1864 Richmond Examiner: The War News, June 24

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Mark Hinson.

The War News

From seven till ten o’clock yesterday morning a heavy cannonade was heard in the direction of Petersburg, and pretty soon the report got abroad that an engagement was going on along the right of General Lee’s lines; but this rumour was unsustained by an information which could be considered in any degree trustworthy. Persons who came by the turnpike said that the firing was chiefly in the neighbourhood of Bermuda Hundred. They said that cannonade was brisk, and that was all they knew about it. About for o’clock a private telegram was received from an officer of the Southside road, who said a battle was in progress, and that we had taken three thousand prisoners in the then preceding thirty-six hours. We feared, at the time, this gentleman was mistaken, and have seen no cause to change our opinion. Passengers by the train which reached here from Petersburg, at six o’clock last evening, said there was no fight during the day.

The last telegram from Petersburg, to be found under the appropriate head, was received late last night. It explains the cannonade heard yesterday. It was the shelling which preceded the unsuccessful assault by Hagood’s brigade on one of the Yankee earthworks. From another source we learned there was during the day some artillery skirmishing along our line in front of Bermuda Hundred.1


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