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NP: June 20, 1864 Raleigh Confederate: Casualties in 28th NC May 23-June 19

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Brett Schulte.

List of Casualties.

Editors Confederate.–Please publish the following list of casualties in the 28th N. C. Troops, from May 23rd to June 10th, 1864:

Jerich [Jericho] Ford, May 23rd.
Co A–Killed, privates N G Mixon, and Stephen Ring.  Wounded, privates Rufus Jarrell, H G Anthony, Henry F Hodges, James Brown, C C Riggs.  Missing William Marsh.

Co B–Killed, none.  Wounded, 1st lieut R D Rhyne, 2nd lieut H J Costner, since died, sergt R A White, and private W O Harris.

Co C–Wounded, privates Adolphus Edwards, Alfred Kaylor, A P Linebarger, W A Martin.

Co D–Killed, none.  Wounded, privates Levi Coley, E A Plyler.

Co E–None and Co. H none.

Co I–Killed, none.  Wounded, privates N C Dozier, J H Martin.

Co K–Killed, none. Wounded, C M White, private, and M A Harky, private.

Co F–Killed, none.  Wounded, private Bernnett MArtin since died, Alex Spear, G W Blakely.

Co G–Killed, private Samuel Chavers.  Wounded, sergt W D F Edwards.

Co H–Wounded, sergt J C Holland, corpl Jas R[illegible]spie, privates Jonas Raider, J T Wilson.

Stowe’s Farm 31st May.
Co A–none.

Co B–Killed, none. Wounded, corpl Chris Neal

Co C–Killed, none.  Wounded, private James Gradson since died.

Co D–None.

Co E–None.

Co F–Killed, none.  Wounded, private Thos E Tacker.

Co G, H and I–none.

Co K–Killed, none.  Wounded, privates J[?] Fesperman, Burriss.

Turkey Hill to June 10.–
Co A, B none.

Co C–Killed, none. Wounded, private Ambrose Cline since died.

Cos D, E, F none.

Co G–Killed, none.  Wounded, — Snipes.

Co H–None.

Co I–Killed, private E H Farris.  Wounded, private S B Carlton.

Co K-None.

Recapitulation–Killed 4, wounded 35, missing 1, total 40.

R. S. Folger, Adjt.1


  1. “List of Casualties.” Raleigh Confederate. June 20, 1864, p. 1 col. 2
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